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20 July 2008

OIL & GAS OPPORTUNITY Jobs Vacancies at Petroselat

To support the continual growth of our E & P operation, Petroselat, operator of the Selat Panjang PSC, onshore Riau Province, Central Sumatera, is looking for a suitable candidate for filling a senior management position with the following requirements and conditions:

1. Proven integrity & loyalty
2. 5 years+ company officer experience
3. 20 years+ operation experience
4. 15 years+ proven technological leadership
5. Proven records in exploration/development projects
6. 5 years+ Kepala Teknik Tambang experience
7. 5 years+ Kepala Penyidik experience
8. Advanced technical degree (S2 or S3)
9. Business management diploma/degree
10. Excellent English skills
11. Ability to communicate in Chinese
12. Ability to work long hours with limited vacations
13. Excellent health condition
14. Ability to travel any time
15. Salary range 30-45 million Rp. per month
16. Medical and transportation allowance provided

Only short listed applicants will be contacted for interviews.
Qualified candidates are encouraged to send resume /CV to before July 31, 2008..


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